Employee Family Support Services


This service is aimed towards businesses with employees with aging parents or parents who are ill; the Employee Family Support Services is aimed at assisting your employees to:

• Understand and clarify issues that are directly concerning Dementia and their aging parent, including any underlying issues.
• Identify and explore options to address those issues.
• Develop plans to approach the issues and find constructive solutions.

Events and issues which may give rise to requests for EFS services include;

Work Issues:

• Problems with performance.

Family Issues:

• Work-life balance.
• Concerns about children.
• Concerns about ill elderly parents.
• Relationship issues.
• Parenting and step-parenting issues.
• Financial problems caring for their elderly.

Through it all we’re there, our certified dementia practitioner is listening and giving you our shoulder to lean on, and practical advice to make the journey easier. We all know caring for an ill senior can be difficult the mood changes, the depression, the misunderstandings, possible family conflict and, doing it alone is tough. We want you to think of us like that friend you call when someone upsets you; think of us as that virtual coffee buddy.